Personalized Wedding Favors

I recently attended and helped organize and put together a friend’s wedding in the San Diego area.  It took place at a Bayside Resort and then moved to a gorgeous venue for the reception which looked out over a panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean.  The bride embraced the view and based the décor of the reception off of it.

One of the most creative bits of her reception was that instead of doing a guest sign in book, she had adorable seashell note cards that each guest wrote down a “recipe” on. The recipes, however, were not those of casseroles, stews, and lasagnas but recipes that ensure a happy and healthy marriage.  This was an interesting twist as it was essentially a whole bunch personalized wedding favors for the bride!

The favors that the bride and groom chose for the guests were individual mini champagne bottles with bows around them.  This is perfect for a bride and groom who, like the one in this wedding, are in their late 20’s, and on a budget because you can find fairly inexpensive bottles and they look amazing when set at each place setting.  Mini bottles can also be perfect if you are not on a budget because of the wide variety in prices of champagne.

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