Personalized Wedding Candy

As if you are not already stressed out enough with planning an entire wedding, you are also required to plan another full dinner for the night before!  Planning the rehearsal dinner would sound like a fairly simple task to the inexperienced  wedding attendee but it is no easy feat.  This dinner is the first time that friends and relatives from each side of the families get together as a whole.  There is certainly a possibility this dinner could turn out catastrophic.  A bride already dealing with every possible stressful situation surrounding a wedding wants to make the rehearsal dinner as smooth as possible.  The dinner courses at the rehearsal cannot be the same as the one for the following evening, of course.  Rehearsal dinners tend to be a bit lighter as well (the bride still has to fit into her dress for the big day).  A really good idea that can aid in getting everyone’s waistline ready for the big day is, instead of doing an elaborate, rich dessert two days in a row, opt for personalized wedding candy that be decorative and delicious at the same time!  Many brands of popular candy these days have jumped on board with this and make candy with a personalized message or picture on it.  Choose your favorite candy to replace going to yet another tasting appointment and have your initials, a favorite picture, or favorite messages on them and scatter them on each dining table or anywhere else that you want to!

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