Personalized Bridal Favors

The bride has so much to do to prepare for on the big day.  Flowers, venues, dresses, cakes, menus, table settings, the list goes on and on.  But who is always there supporting her and helping deal with all the stress?  The bridesmaids of course!  They are the ones who have the bride’s back from sharing the excitement  to the meltdowns to the day of catastrophes of spills on the dress.  Now the question is, how to repay them!?  Personalized bridal favors are a popular choice to show gratitude, everything from jewelry to spa gift cards or a trip. One that I found out about recently and thought was such an amazing idea was personalized hangers for each one of the girls in the bridal party.  The hanger is shaped in such a the way that has each girl’s name in your choice of font, usually cursive, integrated into it.  This is a gift that will last forever to remind the bridesmaids of how much gratitude the bride has for their help.

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