Custom Wedding Candy

Every couple has different style and taste, be it fashion, music, food, or even candy!  If you are planning a wedding and want to make the table settings at the reception fun, festive and decorative do not fret!  Custom wedding candy is fantastic option to create a fun vibe for the guests at the tables, not to mention the fact that they can munch on them while waiting for the food.  Whatever your taste in sweets are, they are easy to tie into the table decor.  Candy bracelets and necklaces with the pieces of candy being the letters of the newly married couple is a good one if you are doing pastel colors, while individually labeled bags of your favorite gummy treat are great.  Most of these options are also great because they are not a super pricey option.  If you are looking into spending a bit more on the accessories, the Sugar Factory rhinestoned lollipops come in a variety of colors and unique flavors that can match the color theme of your wedding.
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