Custom Bridal Chocolates

If you are the chosen one and have been crowned with the title of maid of honor, you get the responsibility of planning the bridal shower!  Bridal showers are normally light, fun, and full of champagne and crudités.  If you are bestowed the joy of planning this and you already have the champagne (make sure to get extra) and crudités covered and you are wondering what to do for a dessert that will tie into this palm sized theme, consider custom bridal chocolates.  It’s a great idea because of how versatile they can be.  If you have 20 or so women attending, chances are that not all of them have a taste for the same types of deserts.  You already covered getting or making a variety of snacks so that everyone is satisfied, and of course no one is going to complain about being served champagne.  If you use this idea, you can cover everyone’s palette on the desert as well.

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