Do The Bride A Favor

Guests don’t remember what made the event perfect, that has just come to be expected.

What they remember and talk about forever are the things that made the wedding exceptional.

Exceptional is found at the junction between unique and wonderful.

Imagine your friends and family waking up the next morning after the wedding and looking inside their goodie bag to find a little parcel of candies with the bride and groom’s childhood photos on them.

What would your nephew think, while he and your family is waiting for you to get your photos done and their tummies are starting to rumble, if he found a small bowl of buttery taffy off of which grandma could read him trivia questions and answers about the lives of the bride and groom

or maybe even about the whole history of the family?

Each little moment like this is a subtle memory that makes up the bigger moment of the wedding.

When the wedding is done the flowers and cake will all be gone, but the memories and keepsakes will be what lasts for generations.

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